An Independently owned hard rock quarry

Bromelton Quarry, an independently owned hard rock quarry is located within the State Development Area at Bromelton, near the township of Beaudesert in South-East Queensland.

The Bromelton Quarry resource comprises high quality basalt rock with reserves that will allow quarrying for approximately 90 years. In addition the quarry is shown as Key Resource Area No. 67 within the State Planning Policy for the Protection of Extractive Resources.  A Key Resource area is one that is of State and Regional significance and essential for the Infrastructure and Building Construction Industries.

Strategically situated, the quarry services minor and major markets throughout South East Queensland and in particular within a 150 kilometre radius of Beaudesert.

In order to facilitate and enhance the quarry’s distribution ability a rail siding, that links the Queensland Rail Network, has been installed.

Bromelton Quarry has provided and continues to provide high quality quarry materials for an array of large and small South East Queensland construction projects and products.

Some examples are:

  • Brisbane Port Authority Harbour Seawall
  • Rail Ballast for Queensland Rail and
    Australian Rail track Corporation
  • Bromelton Off Stream Storage
  • Premixed Concrete
  • Concrete Masonry Blocks
  • Concrete Pipes
  • Queensland Main Roads
  • Local Shire Roads
  • Subdivisions

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